Wednesday, June 3, 2015

letter of the day: R

ok, the walking digital disaster here (aka WDD) did try to get rid of the black spaces, but had no success at all.

hello everybody!

I knew one day, sooner or later, I would have to leave my comfort zone (that of a walking digital disaster) and step into blogging. Somehow. So here I am. I’m sure I’ll make zillions of mistakes but I’m willing to try my best. I’ve been playing with colorful, kinda of decorative letters and numbers for some time for pleasure only (I cross my heart since much earlier than the coloring-for-adults trend started).  Primarily, I intend to upload at least one handmade character a day. There’ll be days there may be some other stuff too – handmade books, some mixed media, pixes, dog stuff (me luvs dogs, especially mine!!!), and whatever I find at least one body may like. I have worked on the same, non art-related business since the late 1970s (another different story), and liked handicrafts as far as I can remember (I’ve been knitting and cross-stitching since 5 y.o.). However, more often than not I’m told I don’t have much of a commercial taste…If you happen to like anything I post, feel free to say so – if you don’t like for some reason, you can also say so, but please mind your words.  It will be real nice if I can make a nice, fun, safe place for everybody, irrespective of age, location, beliefs, etc  etc  etc, where the golden rule will, well, rule (no pun intended.)  Thanks for reading, and be welcome.